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Every once in a while I don’t joke, I’m not sarcastic, I don’t yell and I am an empathetic and compassionate Mom. With Rye-Guy at sleep away soccer camp, sleep-deprived and probably a bit homesick and me missing him terribly, I sent him a card and a pack of Rolo’s.

Roll a Rolo to your pal, it’s chewy chocolate covered car-a-mel

Not sure if anyone remembers that ad but I do.
Anyway, Shad gave him the card when he brought him more socks tonight. He told me he walked away from everyone to read it. Maybe he misses me too….

Armpit Cramps

Mom is it impossible to have an armpit cramp?
Do you have an armpit cramp?
No, but I’m wondering if I could get one.

Sugar Ants Suck

Supposedly they don’t even like sugar. When they come, they bring all their friends and I clean them up and they just keep coming back. I learned in the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” that Windex solves ALL problems so…. I spray Windex on them and they die on contact. Shad, he hates the Windex and has some all natural cleaners – they don’t seem to be affected by that at all unless you drown them – so I stick to my solution. (okay, when he’s not home) Even when I clean them all and I can’t even find a trace of another, I feel like they are still crawling on my skin. It makes me want to shower, and we all know what a feat that is! :-) So, aside from being completely annoying and making me itchy why else do they bug me? Let me show you a photo of the treat I just had.

Betsy Hansen NH

They DO Like Sugar. Way to ruin my lollipop!

Shea talks nonstop on our hikes, even at the geocache we found today. Everything has a story. Today she told me that it was amazing her little feet could make her big body walk so much and the she went into the proportions of everyone in the family. She also told me that flies have little brains and so they can’t be very smart.
I am sure there is so much more I am going to learn on the hike.


Graduation Day





One of the best things I ever did was asked my friend Greg who is an amazing photographer to shoot Shea’s graduation. It was a day I wanted to just sit, take it all in, and enjoy. Since my passion is documenting our lives I knew there was something to be missed if I didn’t immerse myself in this 90 minute celebration. What we were going to celebrate in 90 minutes was more than Shea’s graduation to me. It marked 8 years of private care for the kids from what has become an extension of our family. They have cared so much about our kids over the years from broken legs and going to pre-k with a walker to hanging out with Reilly for an extra couple hours as we made our way back into town from the birthing center at Southern with Kate in some freak April snowstorm to four years of Shea and Mrs Erb who endured a constant show and tell. On top of that I created the school web site and tried to extend my tech marketing background on this little school and I was allowed the creative license of my photography. It was a great almost-decade for my whole family. And although I thought it would be sad to hear the goodbye song that night for the third and final time, the reminder that they are “just kids” by a few of those graduating that night kept the whole thing grounded for me. Seeing all my photography on the fence to my baby waving hi and proudly wearing her hand-painted graduation cap made it as special – for both of us, maybe even all of us, as I could ever ask for. Congratulations Shea-Shea you were awesome!

Thank you Greg, I owe you one!

Betsy Hansen:

I contributed this to Shea’s school blog. I purposely did not share until the end of the year so I wouldn’t have parents thinking I’m a bit crabby or worse. Who would want them to doubt their artwork?

Originally posted on Thoughts on the Young Child:

  • by Betsy Hansen
Betsy Hansen

Mother of the Year Again

I clean my house 5 times a day, at least. I exercise no fewer than three times a day and I come up with new ways to organize my chaotic life at least once a day. The trouble is – I never actually do it physically – it all happens in my head.

My head is a beautiful thing – when I clean, I actually do laundry too. When I exercise, I even shower afterward and when I re-organize, I recycle AND purge. Man… I’m like pretty much perfect. Although… again though, it’s just in my head.

Try explaining how much you accomplish in one day to your husband. Strangely, it doesn’t make sense to him. No idea why on that one.

But… that’s not what I wanted to share with you. I wanted to share more about this self-appointed title I…

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Mother of the Year

Writing a professional letter.

No, they don’t mix. Or actually maybe it’s part of the plan. “Take a break and spend time with your kids!” Either way, we vacationed in February so the kids are at home and stuck with me. They have been subjected to lists a page long each day then tv and iPods. I was sick with that crazy stomach bug on Monday which put me more than a day behind at work eliminating my ability to take a day off and play. I feel so bad but thankfully they are done in 5 weeks and we will get out time soon.

Kate and Rye are having trouble not annoying each other which further complicates the day. From burning down her tower in minecraft to not Nerf bullets to soccer they have been in front of each other for a long time. Today, the first nice day is no different- when working down their list (some items were soccer/lacrosse) and playing catch and dribbling a soccer ball they definitely hit a wall and this letter from Kate shows you.

I look at it this way, at least I have taught her well enough that she got her salutations correct AND she was polite.


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