Easter mass is always so crowded. Today they offered the service on tv in the Church hall to accommodate overflow. When it came time for Communion Kate noticed how many Eucharistic ministers went up on the alter. She watched, turned to me and said “ohhhhh they must all be gluten free.”

Good Luck Charlie

I’m not a big fan of Disney shows, although I like the movies. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that Reilly says I am just like the mom in “Good Luck Charlie.”


Betsy Hansen

Happy 9th Birthday Kate

It feels like I have taken a sabbatical when it comes to my MOTY blog. Please note, I did not say my MOTY moments because I certainly have plenty of those! I find life a little crazy if you subscribe, as we fully have, to the world of activities for the young child. I was always of the mentality that I should “sign them up for everything and eventually they would figure out what they like”. Well, perhaps there is some truth to that but I’m not sure we won’t drive ourselves crazy trying to figure it out along the way. Between commuting to a new school and trying to really embed the kids in that program this year AND keep some continuity with friends in our town as well as adding the normal sports programs we have been doing for years with them, I’m thinking we are a bit overextended. Sadly, I know it’s not just us, it’s every subscriber to this lifestyle. I know something has got to give, but they seem to like everything. Life should be slower. It should be kickball games and throwing rocks and baseballs with neighbor kids. BUT, no one is ever home (including us). I’m thankful for the next door neighbor Aidan that randomly comes down to play with the kids. Every child should have a next door neighbor. I often think my oversubscription has eliminated feeling a passion for anything because there is too much. It’s like diluting the activity world for children. If it’s not a team in our house, it’s violin lessons, dance, drama, gymnastics, Di, LegoLeague, etc etc and for the kids if it’s not one of those things it’s a text to a friend to join a world in Clash of the Clan or Minecraft. It’s overwhelming and I know that I made it this way.

In some ways I can’t complain because they seem happy, they say their happy, the are doing well in school and they have friends. Their rooms are always messy, the house looks like a bomb went off in it, clothes aren’t clean, BUT they are fed and they are tired, but they are smiling. At what point do we cut the cord, I’m not sure. I think it’s a limited time we get to expose our kids to the opportunities that life has to offer. It’s what, about 12 years? Then poof, they are out trying to make it on their own whether it’s college or a job or something else, it’s NOT a long time.

I adore my kids, I like to spend time with them. I get bummed when it’s so rushed all the time and a lecture that we’re late running from one thing to another. They are not complaining but we’ve done this since day one, they probably don’t realize there is something different. Originally, it was our busy schedules and they were carried along in a bucket seat or a backpack or something. Our activities have transitioned to theirs and their friends. Shad still trains for the his races, including an Ironman, but aside from late night soccer and an occasional hockey tourney or a workout with friends, I feel like I have let it all go. I spend more time coaching, working and organizing.  I have become a proficient driver and apps like Cozi have done their best to take my input and keep me organized.

So, the whole point of this late night post is that I have let my blog go and I’m bummed about that. Things happen regularly in my house that I want to document for the kids to remember and have in the palm of their hands one day for recollection and hopefully laughter. But, honestly, these days when things happen I try my darndest to remember them, but they are usually gone when I have moved onto the next thing which is often just minutes if not seconds after the fact.

I’m going to try to be better. The kids are at such an awesome age. They still like Shad and me, and we adore them. They are so different and so alike and great little byproducts of us which we take great pride in. We continue to hope they pick up on the good stuff about us along the way – and a few not so good things to keep life interesting.

The photo is from Kate’s 9th birthday earlier this month — it is so simple, yet to me, it captures so much.

With that, I must go to bed.

Pick a Number

Reilly and Shea were discussing who was going to have the last cookie for lunch today…

Reilly: okay Shea pick a number between one and 10.

Shea: ONE!!!!!

Reilly: nope, it was five I win!

Shea: Ohhhhhhhh…. I don’t like that game.

Sore Wrist

We skied on Friday night. Shea was not her normal self until we were taking a break. As we took off her skis she looked at me and said “my wrist hurts on this foot.”

Mother of the Year

20140112-151720.jpg This is why I claimed my Mother of the Year … Again on the very first day of 2014. We ran the Temple Peanut Butter Chip Chase 5k which has become a tradition for our family. Shea still has a spot in the jogger with Shad, Kate would walk/run with me and Reilly is good on his own or with his friends. Kate and I went and about 1/2 way in she started to complain of the cold. For the last 1/2 my job was to motivate her to finish. Walk… Run… Whatever but I’m feeling bad because she’s so cold but no matter what we have 1.5 miles to go.

We finish after a few tears but a lot more determination. Her cheeks are red, real red and oddly very warm to the touch. We ask a doctor friend to take a peek… Frostbite. Nice.

And you wonder why I’m mother of the year. And to add to her frostbite, the polar vortex and my successive self appointed title I took her skiing with tow face masks/neck-ups.

Hoping for cell re growth.

A whole new way

This is how we opened our gifts with Kasey, Grandpa, and Dan. Amazing that we could do this yet strange to think this is going to be the way my kids communicate.



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