Mother of the Year Again

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This weekend is always fun for me. I love seeing how the kids can (or can not) hold out on sharing their Mother’s Day school projects. I received the Spanish class gifts (coloring and cards) on Thursday because they had Spanish class. Shad works really hard with them to try and keep it all a secret until Sunday, but they often just bust at the seams.
What do I want for Mother’s Day? Well, I think it’s pretty simple BUT it doesn’t always work out. I either want breakfast in bed (can be toast and a scrambled egg) and/or a shower that is peaceful. That means no knocking on the door and walking in 35 times in 4 minutes, no asking questions, just me and the hot water for as long as I want (or they can stand). I think as they get older, it’s getting easier for them to let me be but it’s also not feeling as special because they don’t really care. I, like most other Mom’s, want to be wanted. So, the fact that they want me less makes this less enjoyable – and actually a bit sad.
Good thing I have Shea, she just can’t go without talking and will settle for any audience, I should be able to count on that for a few more years. I hope.

Anyway, the kids were on their best behavior today and they tried soooo hard to make the day fun, even though Mother’s Day is a day away. We drew on the driveway with sidewalk chalk and played four square. It was pretty cool…. I’m a lucky one.

Leprechaun Trapping

First grade means you build a leprechaun trap on your own, not with your classmates. Shea was over the moon with this assignment — that is until anyone wanted to help.
Supposedly a family project with very specific instructions was not enough for Shea to appreciate anyone’s idea or conversation if it was not her own. I crack up that she is so emphatic about what she wants. I roll my eyes at the tears we get when she doesn’t get what she wants.
Shea thought about this project the whole time until she brought it in. It consumed her and I can only hope that she continues on this path to get her work done… Oh and maybe that this doesn’t impact her experience moving ahead.
So after some Pinterest browsing with me and some architectural presentations with a shoebox from Reilly she had made up her mind, she was talking to Dad. She decided on a giant cinnamon container and some duck tape to be her main elements. We actually started the taping process with yellow until the uninvited Mom (me) came time to give her opinion. Okay… So maybe that’s overkill I wasn’t totally uninvited but… Anyway. She builds her great little trap and follows all instructions (except starting with a yellow trap vs the specified green).
She took about 4 hours making and exclaiming from the trap on the owning to the ladder on the side. She took this work very seriously. Once completed she put it on the counter for all to see…. And… And then I heard the sobbing and eventual tears. Kate had decided to investigate on her own. She shoved in the trap door and could not get it back in to place. Uh-oh.


Good with balls

Shortly after “deflategate” was a dinner table discussion because Reilly single-handedly divided the house into Seahawks and Patriots fans. His choice being the former. He was proud to find any and all reasons to want the Seahawks to win, but his most thoughtful reason was that the Patriots had all veteran players and he thought the Seahawks deserved it because they were a dynamic team. Shad and I, although we felt worthy of an argument, gave him credit for being thoughtful and personal about his convictions.

A terrible segue follows…

Shad found a recipe for no-bake, organic, gluten-free cookies. He made the batter and was rolling it into small balls and placing them on wax paper. Shea walks in and asks if she can help Dad, she went and washed her hands, dragged her little hand-me-down stool to the counter and started copying Shad. Shea would try to roll this “batter” into balls and place them on the sheet.

First one hits the floor.
She yells at the dog not to eat because she suspects the brown is chocolate.
She rolls the next two and gets them on the paper.
The novelty has worn off.

“Dad, I’m not going to do this anymore. I don’t like balls. You are really good with balls.”
Shad and I exchange one of those non-smiling but thinking the same thing glances about the innocence of this remark.
“Wait, B is a bad word”
No, it’s not a bad word… it’s like the Patriots and the footballs… it’s just balls.
Reilly interjects, “yah, it’s like deflategate”
“Reilly, I don’t know what you are talking about.”
“I do know….”
“Well it’s the thing on boys.”… “And we don’t talk about them.”
Yes, it is also the thing on boys and we don’t talk about them but cookie balls are different.
“Oh, okay, I don’t want to make them anymore”
She drags her stool back to where it came from and moved on to something else leaving Shad with a bowl of batter and his cookie balls.


Tonight Kate’s rec league basketball team did something that I suspect she will remember for a long time. They were undefeated this season. Because there is not a big pool of girls playing in Milford there were two teams for our town and they played against the surrounding towns.

I love how Kate goes with the flow. She was not ruffled about not being in school with any of these girls and being one of the, if not the youngest on the team. She was as happy as could be to be playing with these girls. Her coaches were great.

Being undefeated is one of those things that you can go your whole athletic career and never experience — I’m psyched for her that she has this story, it’s just plain fun.

Sadly, even to this day Shad and I love to recall our sports experiences and share them with the kids. I’m confident the stories and memories are often better than the reality. I played an undefeated season, I was a older than Kate by a grade or so. I recall constantly asking the coach if I could go in — being a coach now that drives me nuts– I’m sure I was twice as annoying because I was one of the weaker players. After all the reality I recall is of that team six of those girls if not more went on to play in college, mostly D1.

So… Kate, congrats! Enjoy this season and these girls because this may be your story that you share with your kids one day. Tomorrow night you are the 1/2 time show at the girls Varsity game, have fun! Go Team Shock!




Winter Storm Juno

Betsy Hansen NH

Winter Storm Juno

Winter Storm Juno has come… and now it’s gone. Nothing but a couple feet of light fluffy snow that I had to watch from a window while I worked. I’m sure there were local folks impacted by the storm, but my only impact was I had to watch the snowfall from my bedroom window while I heard the kids playing downstairs and outside.

Regardless of school and all businesses being canceled, the one downside (or I should say one of) of working at home is days like today. I wanted nothing more than to head out with the kids and make snow angels and sled in the white fluffy powder all day – and head inside with bright red cheeks looking for a cup of hot cocoa. To no avail, today was day #2 working from ┬ámy bedroom. The kids however had another day of fun (and so did Shad). I could hear them planning their sled run, making their jumps and trying to snowboard in the backyard. I heard crying from the cold snow going up someones shirt or down someones pants and a scream at the loss of a boot because of the waist high dumping. I do find pleasure and nostalgia in the noise of days like today and happiness that it wasn’t a tv and bickering in the room next door. I think these past two days will be days they will remember for years to come. Piles of wet clothes on the floor, sleds scattered over the yard, cold skin and and runny noses and two days off from school. Perfect.

I have decided that I am no longer going to feel badly about “Mommy-brain” as ignorant non-Mom’s like to call it.┬áNobody, young or old, likes to be accused of forgetting things. I, especially, loathe the accusation. I know when I have to “look at my notebook” or ask for a reminder and it drives me crazy. I have come to the conclusion that there is an over-abundance of information pushing going on and if you even absorb a small percentage of it, your brain has got to pick and choose the important pieces.

I manage the schedule of three kids with multiple activities and a commute to school. For work I obviously manage a meeting calendar but I also manage the multiple projects going on and I am a consumer of multiple newsfeeds every day to try to pick off some interesting topics in the world of networking. Additionally, I coach and I volunteer on a board and I try to have a schedule for me. I’m sure I’m forgetting something but this “booked from dawn to dusk” multi-tasking, multiple-medium delivery, way of life that feels necessary is the reason why people forget. I am going to stop feeling so bad about it. I think memory has up’d the ante for what it needs to do. I think there are so many things that we have to remember that we barely care about and the important things like someone’s name and what homework needs to be done are the last things on our mind. Yet, in some ways, they are the important things.

I’m glad that the carousel I have chosen for life allows me a few misses. There is so much going on, the snowday is welcome here – although I have to work the kids will do some jobs and have some fun playing outside. It’s not snowman snow but it’s worthy of some sledding.


Big Brothers

Shea: “Mom, Reilly was fighting with me the whole way home in the car.”

Kate: “No Shea, he was just lecturing you.”

Shea: “Oh, okay.”


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