Cafe on the Oval

Ever think your two year old has logic when it comes to his own safety? Well, if so, don’t. This morning I took Reilly out for breakfast so he could have his own belgian waffle. He told me he didn’t want a high chair and he wanted to sit in the big chair. He was so convincing I believed that he was capable – mind you his head just cleared the top of the table. Not 10 minutes later there was a “BANG – THUMP” as his face smashed against the table top. It was one of those 30 second inhales before the outburst – poor guy! I took him outside right away because I knew the volume was going to be significant. It was. And, all he wanted was Daddy – ahhhhhh, thanks, but he’s not here.

Finally we went back in to find his waffle and my omlette waiting for us. We spent the next 20 minutes shredding the waffle into tiny little pieces – from the high chair! hee hee hee

Now we’re home, I have a conference call, so he’s in bed with a big bump on his cheek bone. Once again, another sign of my self appointed title.

Until we meet again……..


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