UAL Seat 11D

Have you ever gone to the bathroom on a plane – in the proper cabin of course – and suddenly encountered turbulance? If yes, were you squatting at the time? If yes to that did you end up sitting? And if yes to that, did you fall on the seat – and was it wet! It happened to me on the plane yesterday and I had to return to my seat immediately. I wasn’t sure how I would have handled that had I not had to return to my seat – but I likely would have tried to sterilize myself a little bit. At the very least the pants I was wearing will be washed – TWICE!

We returned to Milford at about 8pm – just in time to play with Reilly. We were fearful he might be mad at us since we had been separated for 4 days. He wasn’t, he was totally excited and screamed and showed us his trucks and he showed Meredith that we were home (as if she did not know). šŸ™‚ It was so good to see him, we missed him so much.



One thought on “UAL Seat 11D

  1. i was smilling to myself while I scroll through this entry of yours. Turbulence and toilets well , have not fall so wet before but with food, YES!

    It always happens when you’re about to have your meal and the plane decides to take the huge hump ahead , “thump!” and then …. yeah my clothes need a wash desperately. anyway … nice blog!

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