1918 and Total Eclipse of the Heart

Well… they did it – after all those years and that awful curse the Red Sox won the World Series. I’m so happy it’s over and I’m so glad for them and for Boston that they won. Why? because I will no longer be sleep deprived, at least from watching games till after midnight, and calling friends to discuss. This morning I tried to reason with Reilly. He, obviously, didn’t stay up for the game so he woke at his normal time. I tried, with fervor, to get him to “rest” in bed with me – to no avail. It was one inquiry after the other, it was changing the channel from the Wiggles to VIDEO to Wiggles to VIDEO to Wiggles to VIDEO… not very restful, is it? After about 10 minutes of his commotion I realized rest was not going to be in my near future so I sent him down to wake Auntie Courtney. 🙂 I resigned to the fact that it was it time to get up and get ready for Shake Rattle and Roll.

Off we go….


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