The Ravenous Frog

We made a new discovery with our son dressed as a cute little fuzzy frog last night. He has motivation, he has spunk and he knows what he wants! While trick or treating with his cousin Brenna, who was a sweet little ballet dancing butterfly, he started to make the connections between candy, saying trick or treat, doorbells, putting on a cute smile for the neighbors, and what was in Brenna’s bag could be his if he was creative and sly. So, he came home (I stayed home and handed out treats while the Dad’s pulled around the creatures in the wagon), with a bag that was almost tearing given the weight which was imposed on it. Apparently, if you take pieces one by one from your cousin and dispose of her bag, no one knows what happened. Perhaps it all fell out. NOT! The boy is now obsessed with candy, he knows how to open Reese’s peanut butter cups and he knows how to acquire from an innocent friends hand if the process from wrapper to hand to mouth is not quick enough. Oh my.

It was with resistance he went to bed without his bag of candy, and it was with resistance he had a waffle, banana and smoothie for breakfast – for what he requested was “CANDY”. Wow, this is starting young.

NOTE: I have since hidden all this candy and brought a sampling for myself to work today. I recall that my parents had to “check” all our candy when we were young. I’m happy to take on that role.


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