A day to remember

You think I’m talking about the polls??? Although a stunningly close election will remain in my memory for some time to come, (see Jen, I’m not a goldfish like you are), it’s not what I will remember today for. I will remember today because when Shad told Reilly he was going to the potty, Reilly said he wanted to join him.

Picture this, the two of them sat there and pee’d on their potty’s TOGETHER!!!

Following this feat, Reilly ran into see me so I could celebrate this great accomplishment with him. Oddly, Shad did not want to celebrate his – I am not sure why.

I appreciated them both nonetheless. Reilly pee’d on the potty on his own accord! party party party!!! 🙂

4 more years – Reilly will be in first grade and Dubya will still be in office.


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