Building A Mystery

I went upstairs this morning to get Reilly clothes for the day. He stayed in the living room lining up his cars one by one by one and told the dog not to touch them. As I pulled his pants off the dryer I heard Sarah McLachlan in a way I had never heard her and in a way she would likely prefer she is never heard. Crackling… loud and yelling “Building A Mystery”.

The way I figure it is Reilly was trying to turn on the Wiggles, nothing was happening so he pushed all the buttons and turned all the knobs.

I came downstairs to see him (I know I was smirking) and he said in a petrified voice with a scared look on his face – “I scared you” and he began to whimper. I turned down Sarah and showed him what the knob does. Although the damage was already done, I’m not sure he will ever want to listen to her again.


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