Here or there

Day Care kids versus kids that stay at home with a parent… for the first time yesterday I decided that Reilly possessed many of the traits I associate with a day care child. Although he is typically well mannered and there are so many positive attributes of day care, there are definitely some negatives as well.

In our Shake Rattle and Roll class I believe he is the only child that goes to day care, all the rest stay at home. In class he shows his independence rather than his ability to follow along. I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing, BUT I take it personally when he’s the only one in the class doing exactly what he wants versus learning what the rest of the class is learning. I would like to say that he knows it all already but that’s far from the truth.

My only brush with sanity is that more than half of the class are 6 months older than him, and 6 months is a lot when you only have 30 to work with.

If he didn’t talk about the class constantly, I would not return.


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