Tastes like Chicken

Reilly had a tough night last night. I think he’s cutting teeth. Poor guy, he’s so far behind his peers in this area that I think he’s more aware of the pain. I think when you teeth and have the ability to communicate it’s a double edge sword. You can identify what hurts and it hurts whereas when you’re six months old, it’s one of a few things that you can identify as an area that would cause discomfort.

Well, anyway the waffle didn’t sound good for breakfast this morning so Reilly pleaded for chicken nuggets and ketchup. ICK. He had a fruit smoothie and nuggets. Since he protested so dramatically I figured it was a battle not worth fighting this time. I don’t think I would have won.

Until Next time….


One thought on “Tastes like Chicken

  1. Do you know of those ginger snap-like teething sticks? They make a horrible mess, right? Try frozen pizza crusts (or pizza bones is what we call them at our house). They will feel good because they are frozen and, as long as you trim them before someone bites out of them, they are clean (unlike the water filled toys that get recycled through the freezer) and they gotta taste better than those horrid teething sticks. Regardless, enjoy these days……they turn into teenagers!

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