He loves the big bed…

It was time to transition Reilly from his crib to “the big bed”. The only catch was we needed to get him a “big bed”. We spent an entire day shopping – I NEVER knew how kid friendly furniture stores could be. He could walk around with cookies, ice cream, balloons, juice, you name it, they had it and it was FREE. Not to mention bean bags strewn all over the place and tv’s with kids movies on them. These amenities certainly made the process much more bearable!

By the end of the day we had ordered bunk beds that we be at the house four days later. Four days later Reilly spent his first night with a gate on his door and a new bed in his room. He cried once during the night – but other than that he has slept soundly since.

If asked, he says the crib is for “Baby Pickles”.

This has been MUCH easier than I imagined.


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