It’s a Floater!

So… picture this… Reilly is taking a bath with his 25 bath toys and Shad is sitting on the edge of the tub reading a biking magazine. I am walking from the laundry room to our bedroom, which passes Reilly’s bathroom, I hear a VERY distinct grunt. I say “Reilly, are you pooping in the tub” and he replies with a winded “no mommy”. Not more than 10 seconds later I hear Shad with a defeated “oh no”. I walk in the bathroom to see Ernie on his waterbike and the rubber duck floating next to one of the biggest “Baby Ruth” bars that has been produced since August of 2002!

I said to Reilly, “if you have to go potty you just need to tell mommy or daddy and we’ll put you on the potty”. He looks up at me and says, “I have to go potty”. He sat there for the next 20 minutes shivering, reading a book and finishing his business.

Naturally I needed to document the moment prior to the disinfecting process! All toys and tubs are clean again. 🙂


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