“Look what I made”

We took Reilly and Kate hiking at Gap Mountain on Sunday. Reilly hiked on his own and Shad carried Kate in the Baby Bjorn. This was the first activity I had done that was more than 30 minutes since Kate was born. (It had been 15 days since she was brought into THIS world. :-))

Reilly did a great job hiking – he walked all by himself. It was a single track trail with lots of roots and rocks. Reilly wanted to jump off every rock – so it took a long time to hike the little that we did.

When we got back to the car – we changed the kids. We decided to let Reilly “air out” since we were the only ones there. Shortly after that while Shad and I were cleaning up and putting away stuff – Reilly went over to Shad and said “Look what I made”. Shad went over to see the little poops that Reilly left in the woods. Reilly was SO proud.

It was a big day – for everyone.


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