Happy Birthday Dominic

Kate’s Baptism was August 7, the same day as my Mom’s birthday. Being late, as I always am, I ordered the invites just a week before the service. I had verbally invited those who we wanted to come, but I had not done anything formally. So, I went on Shutterfly, customized the invitations, paid to have them shipped overnight, and then I would send them out just 5 days before the service. I suppose they were just a formality and nothing more. So, a day later, Nicole let me know they had come in the mail. When I got home from work she and I opened the box from Shutterfly. To our suprise there was a box of invitations with some Star Wars guys on the cover and a little boy. We opened the invites and learned that Dominic from Redwood City would be celebrating his 5th birthday on August 12. At least his Mom had planned more in advance.

I called Shutterfly, they couldn’t do anything for me prior to the Baptism aside from giving me a credit. How bummed was I??? Very. I didn’t know what to do. So, I RSVP’d to Dominic’s birthday party – actually I just told his Mom I had her invites. To make a very long story short, she emailed me all the addresses of Dominic’s friends and I mailed them out for her.

Later, I did order one invite just to put in Kate’s baby book and I saved one of Dom’s to put in there for her too.


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