Outta Town

Baby Kate and I got on a plane yesterday b/c I had work in CA. Not even 24 hours away and look at the email I received from a girlfriend! Those darn boys….

I’m in the deli section waiting for the chick to finish cutting my lunch meat, when I spot your husband and son. Shad’s got his hands full of the Spongebob yogurt, 4 other adult yogurts and a gallon of milk in one hand. I ask Reilly how his “boy time” with Dad is going. He tells me
he’s “just getting a few things” at the store. So, to make conversation, I ask him what he had to get. He replies, “Spongebob yogurt!” He seemed so excited about the fact that it’s Spongebob. So I ask him, “Spongebob like your underwear?” Reilly then proceeds to quickly drop his pants to check if he’s wearing them. The poor child seemed quite confused when he saw plain old tighty whiteys instead. Shad just stood back and shook his head while my face turned bright red knowing I was the cause. Luckily, it was after 8:00pm, so there were very few people in the store. (However, the 70 year old lady standing at the deli counter seemed quite horrified.)

So, I’m sorry! See what happens in less than 24 hours of you leaving the state?


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