I’m up and I can’t get down….

This morning I put Kate in the pack and play to take a nap. I sat her up with a few toys to give her time to transition and wind down. I went into the next room (kitchen) and did somethings, it was quiet. About 15 minutes later I hear crying and moaning, I thought “well, I’ll give her a minute to let her try and work it out”. It was a different cry – exhausted and wimpery – so I went in to check on her. Well, what I found is little Kate sitting up in her pink fleece pajamas and a pacifier in her mouth with her eyes closed – she was swaying all over. It turns out, she didn’t know how to let herself down or lay down so she had to sleep sitting up.

I’m certain eventually she would have toppled over and been just fine, however, it was good to go in there and lay her down.

Lesson learned.


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