Excuses Excuses

It takes about 10 threats and an hour to get Reilly to bed these days. The process typically begins around 8pm. It’s the usual routine, potty, brush teeth, read a book, pray and go to bed. However, now we have added in, cup of water with ice, another trip to the potty, another book, stories about whatever happens to be on his pajamas that day, his ears hurt, his tummy hurts, his pee pee hurts, he’s hungry, he’s thirsty, he wants the light on, he wants to lay on the couch… the list goes on and on. Unfortunatley every night these days ends up with some empty threat or some yelling.

Thank goodness for Nanny 911 or SuperNanny – whichever one we saw that night a few months back – this type of procrastination goes on in many households, not just ours.

Good Night Reilly.


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