More than just a little bit…

Last night, Reilly, Shad and Kate came to the office to bring me some dinner. The three of them had just been to a high school soccer game and getting “shortcuts” (Reilly’s term for haircut or SuperCuts). I met them in the parking lot and Reilly said “I pee’d in my underpants just a little bit”. I said “you did?, how come?”. His response was “I don’t know.” Well, I picked up his shirt to see if it had come thru his pants. Reilly’s definition of “a little bit” and mine, are TOTALLY different things. His pants were soaked down to his mid thighs and his backside was also soaked.

We headed into the women’s bathroom and I thought it was that scene from Austin Powers, he was going and going and going and going – I thought he was done – and he started going and going and going again. When he finished up he said “why is it green?”. That question will be answered another day in the MOTY blog.


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