Toot Toot Chugga Chugga

What could be better than a family night at the Wiggles concert? I’ll tell you a family night at the Wiggles concert followed by dinner at Chuck E Cheese! Oh there were about 17 of us enjoying this experience together.

Reilly, Brenna and Connor went into Wiggle overload singing and dancing and jumping up and down from the balcony seats. Seats that were a reasonable cost until the ridiculous $9 service fee gets added to each ticket! I tried to be clever and bring Reilly’s Wiggles souvenir (a Wiggles flashlight) from last years performance in hopes that it would be sold again – it was, he thought the thing was brand new. (it’s been in the toybox for a year and never had the value that it had last night)

It was good to see Shad up dancing with Greg, Anthony, Murray and Jeff, I knew he had it in him!


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