The Tribe Has Spoken….

A friend of mine has 2 boys who are 4 and 2. She told me that her kids favorite game is Survivor and they love to play it in the backyard. Well, I got to thinking about Survivor and in the grand scheme of tv these days, it’s not that bad. No real violence, no smut scenes, and generally, it’s a pretty clean show. I decided that Reilly could watch a little with me prior to going to bed at the 8:30 commercial. He has liked watching Survivor with me, so this week I decided to let him watch the whole thing.

Well, if you don’t know, supposedly they were going to vote out Gary, but he found the Individual Immunity Idol which eliminated the tribes ability to vote for him. Instead they had to vote out someone else.

Jeff read the votes, I yelled at the tv, Shad (who refuses to get involved) asked for an update as he walked in the room, and Reilly asked “what happened, where is he going, why did they put that boys fire out?” I said, “oh, it’s time for him to go home, his not-so-friends asked him to leave.”

About 15 seconds later the sobbing began and it lasted for about 30 minutes. When Shad and I asked Reilly what was wrong he simply said “I don’t want Bobby John to go home”.

I don’t think Reilly will be watching the entire episode anytime soon. I think the first 30 minutes is plenty.


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