Holiday Traditions

We don’t really have any family projects aside from the tree and some decorating, so we started down the path of decorating cookies.

I guess half the fun is eating the frosting and the decorations… but, Reilly is going to be wound up for a while after his decorating endeavor today.

Given that I am a procrastinator, Shad, Reilly and Grandma picked up ingredients last night. I figured we would bake the cookies as a night project and frost the following day. Well, given the impending snowstorm, and all the school and business closings before the storm was even here, I think many people had the same idea. Needless to say, we were confined by pastel stars, tubes of frosting without the tops, and red and green sparkles. We had limitations for sure.

24 Cookies later, actually 23, we gave the soggy one Reilly kept licking all the decorations off of to Nandi for a snack – we have almost 2 dozen over overdecorated, frosting heavy cookies for consumption. There are about 5 that I would not really eat b/c the frosting is much thicker than the cookie and it has blurred decorations from Reilly licking his fingers in between sticking stuff on each one.

All in all the project was fun. Nicole is dealing with the sugar high. I am upstairs looking out at all the snow wondering if it really will stop today.


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