Look at my belly….

At dinner I often find myself saying “I’m full” and I have seen that Shad says something similar. “I’m full” or “I’m stuffed”. Observing this night after night I think Reilly started to intepret it as he felt it meant, literally. At the dinner table now Reilly will lift up his shirt and say “Can you look at my belly? I think it’s full.” At first I was responding by a “yes, it looks very full” but then I realized he would stop eating when I did that. So lately, I have said “oh…. I see room for some more chicken, right over there” and I’ll point to the side of his belly. He will then continue to eat the rest of the food on his plate.

Literally and figuratively took a long time for me to figure out – I think we have many more years of this type of intepretation to come.


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