Winter Noses

With this weather, and all the colds and flu’s going on, Reilly and Kate’s noses are quite chapped and irritated. I bought tissues with lotion in them to avoid the sandpaper on the nose feeling any more than needed. Tonight when I put Reilly to bed, he said his nose hurt and he didn’t want to use a tissue. I asked him to get a tissue and a bottle of lotion, and we would help his nose feel better. He brought in Lubiderm and we rubbed a little on the skin in between his nostrils and around the edge of his nose. I thought this would soften his skin and help it feel better, if nothing more than for a few minutes. I read him a book, we prayed, and he went to bed.

About 30 minutes after that, Shad came from upstairs, his face was covered in lotion which had yet to be rubbed in. I said “You might want to rub that in.” He then told me that Reilly was up upstairs, he went to check on him and found that Reilly had lotion all over his face and he said to Shad “there is lotion in my bed”. Upon further investigation Shad learned that Reilly had taken the lotion bottle to bed and tried to apply it on his own to his face. He was a bit overzealous.

Never leave your 3 year old with a bottle of lotion.


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