The Sky is Awake

Each morning when Reilly hears Dad leaving for work, he get’s out of bed and climbs into bed with me. Sometimes he’s wide awake (which is problematic for me) and other times he’s content just going back to sleep. This particular morning he wanted to visit. I wanted to sleep (imagine that) and he wanted to hang out. He spent about 15 minutes talking to me and continuously replied with “Reilly, it’s sleepy time – Mommy still wants to sleep – and look the sky is still sleeping too”. Of course he talked long enough that the “Sky waked up”. “Look Mom, the Sky is Awake”. Daylight was really just beginning to show itself – it was a little after 6am. (I knew we should have gotten a blind for that window!) He then said “then the Sun is going to wake up and the moon – and the Sun is going to want to have breakfast!!!” To humor Reilly and myself I asked what the Sun would eat for breakfast – Reilly thought for about 30 seconds and said “hay, the sun likes hay, and so does the moon and so does the sky.”

I don’t know about you, but I did not know that.

We were downstairs having waffles shortly thereafter.


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