The Fridge is Empty

Pretty much 10months to the day marks the end of breastfeeding for Kate and me. I am saddened by this more than I thought I would be. Although in some minds my excuses are just that excuses, but working full time, traveling, and living our family’s lifestyle definitely posed it’s challenges along the way. I felt married to my pump which I affectionately named “Ivan” – sometimes meeting with Ivan 7x/day. Fortunately we had over a months worth of milk stored up – so it we gained some extra time with that. But, now, after trying the fenugreek, support groups, lc support, llli support, the oatmeal, the reglan, and Ivan as much as I could stand I am accepting that is the end of our era. I hate to concede b/c it is far from my goal, but I don’t feel another choice.

Kate is a happy baby which is great, she loves any and all food, so she’s not picky when it comes to her mealtime. On the outside, she seems no worse for wear. Now, during those times that she and I would bond with bf, we’ll just hang out together and visit.


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