Steelers 21 – Seahawks 10

We had about 25 people over for the game last night. Some into the game, some not so much so – more into the party than the reason for the party. So… no pools here. However, Shad had a pool at work, he bought us each two boxes in the grid for a total of $20. At the end of the game we realized that Shad had in fact won – $200! A welcome addition to our pocketbook, and a nice supplement to party expenses!

During breakfast this morning Nicole and I were talking, I told her Shad won the pool at work and we were excited about it. Shortly after Reilly said “Mom, did he bring his suit?”. I had no idea what he was talking about – again he asked “Did Dad bring his suit to work?” Nicole said I think he’s asking because you said that Shad won the pool – he thinks it’s a swimming pool…


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