Nandi, our border collie shepherd mix is very much a part of the family. Although the role I think she plays and the role she thinks she plays are likely two different things. I think she’s the loyal, tolerant, fun-loving, energetic, always hungry, cheeseburger-eating dog. She, on the other hand, thinks she’s Shad’s wife. Odd, I know, but, when she lays down in her bed next to ours at night she gives a sigh like “hey lady, it should be you down here, not the one who watches the house all day long and deals with the kids pulling and crawling and smashing trucks into”.

When I come home from work, she cordially comes up and head butts me, but I know it’s just a courtesy b/c if I don’t get in her way she’s one step closer to going out with Shad for a walk or a run.

When I said to Shad “I think Nandi thinks she’s the wife” he laughed pretty hard, but I could see he considered it – if even just for a second.


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