We went to the San Diego Zoo with Megan, the girls, and the four of us. After walking around for quite sometime, we settled in the area of the hippo – there was a brass one for kids to play on and a real one “Jabba” in the tank. We all were playing by the brass hippo on the artificial grass – and some seemingly artificial tree’s with people initials carved in them. I was taking photos of all the kids playing on the hippo and in the trees. I asked Reilly to, “go behind that tree and peek through to me” and I said the same to Ayden. Reilly went behind the tree and I was watching his face, he smiled at me and people walked by him on the sidewalk next to the tree. Something, I’m not sure what, struck me and I stood up to talk to him. As I stood, I noticed he had his pants down to his knees and he was beginning to pee. I snapped at him “Reilly, stop…. stop… stop….” I think I horrified him, as he stopped midstream and looked at me as though the the hippo had just come out of the tank. Shad came over and took him to the bathroom.

I looked at the tree, which had a small puddle at the base of it. I could not believe what had just happened, and I could not believe that my words were potentially what had inspired this action.


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