Positive People

After watching tennis for 4 days – we were getting packed to head back east. The weather had been comparable to the weather we had left 3000 miles away. Actually, I think getting caught in the hail storm was worse than what we would have experienced in NH. We spent a couple hours of the last day in La Quinta as we spent hours of the first, watching tennis. This time, Reilly brought his little Andre Agassi tennis racquet which we thought would be cool to have signed if we saw him play again.

There are a few athletes I want Reilly to learn about, Andre Agassi is one of them. I think he is one of the classiest athletes out there – and a great role model. He is one of those athletes that will have helped his sport get to a newer, better place and he does it with passion.

Well, wouldn’t you know, Agassi was out hitting the ball on the sunken court. It was raining so he was taking a break, probably trying to see the weather was going to clear. Reilly paced at the edge of the court, dragging his racquet on the ground and continued asking me when the guy on his racquet was going to come to see him.

Eventually he came over b/c it did not appear that the rain was going to subside and it was cold. I don’t think he was happy, for whatever reason, and I actually felt badly asking him to sign the racquet. But, he did sign it, and Reilly looked up at him like he was the coolest thing he had ever seen. It was great…


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