What do you like about yourself…

I read Snow Bear to Reilly tonight – and then we talked for a few minutes before he went to bed. I asked Reilly to tell me something that he liked about himself. He said he liked his two buses. I said, “I like your two buses too”, he let me know he only had one bus and he need another bus because he couldn’t fit all the kids in the one he had. I said, oh, okay, can you tell me something that you “like about yourself” not something that you “would like”. I could tell this confused him so I said “maybe you like your nose and that’s something you really like about yourself”… with this he gave it some thought. After a few seconds he got excited and said, “I REALLY like how tall I weigh”. I smiled and said, I really like how tall you weigh too – it’s perfect.

He laid down and went to sleep. 🙂


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