Airplane Tribulations

On our flight to CA, Reilly and I flew on a 777 and were in two of the middle seats in the middle row. That’s tough with a 3 year old. I thought I was prepared for everything – but… I was wrong. About an hour into a flight Reilly announced “I have to go poop”, so we got up and headed to the bathroom. Up to this point, I had never taken Reilly to the bathroom on the plane since he was out of diapers. I brought him in – told him not to touch anything and I put multiple liners on the obviously already been abused bathroom. I sat him on the potty and stood with my legs touching his knees. The bathrooms are so small – we had no choice. He sat there doing his business – he had his hands on the seat and was suspending himself similar to a dupod (same as a tripod but with only two legs). He then said “Dad has me stand”, unsure of what that meant, I just kept talking to him, waiting for him to finish up. He continued to sink more and more into the potty – then he said “Mom, help” and he reached out and grabbed the hips of my pants. They were yoga pants so they did not provide him the anchor he was clearly anticpated. With that he fell deeper and deeper into the toilet – I was afraid he was going to have a blue bum with the water that is in those toilets. Right before he hit the inside we managed to get him out – and his business was done shortly thereafter.

Poor guy, stuck in the potty on a 777. That can’t be fun.


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