We are trying to teach Kate how to do a couple signs so she can communicate that way instead of a grunt. She’s already one step ahead of me – which makes me quite nervous for those teen years that are approaching quickly. Okay, 12 years or so, but nonetheles after how quickly the first year has gone – puberty is pretty much on the horizon.

At dinner last night, after about four or five replenishing of chicken on her highchair tray and helping her do the “more” sign, she pretty much figured it out. This morning I was giving her bananas and I said “more” and reinforced with my hands – she looked at me, took her pointer finger, pointed down to her tray and then started slamming her finger into the tray. It was as though she was saying “put more food on my tray and do it NOW!”

Perhaps I should conform to her ways, afterall, there wasn’t an audible noise associated with it, it was simply a gesture. 🙂


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