Walking on a thin line…

Kate, now 13 months has ventured into the world of stepping and she is quite proud of herself. Last night she gave herself a base that resembled the “straddle forward roll” that I did in gym and swim at the Y when I was about 7 years old. With that low center of gravity she attempted to drag her foot – to step forward. I think she underestimated her toes or just plain forgot about them – they snagged the carpet and down she went. But, with her Mother’s determination (nice plug for me hunh?) she got back up and tried again. It was on the third try she made some forward progress. She took two small steps with her left foot – using her right foot as a pivot. Although she didn’t make much gain in floor space she made a lot of mental gain in the confidence department. Once she hit the floor and we all cheered for her she giggled and smiled – if she could have patted herself on the back, I’m sure she would have.


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