Bulemia is not the answer…

Kate is constantly chewing her fingers these days because she is teething. While driving the other night she was chomping away and then Shad and I heard her gag reflex kick in. We were certain there was digorge given the noise, I turned around to find that she was just sitting there – although it was dark, there was no sign of residual. Shad and I continued talking and then it wafted my way – the stench was an overwhelming smell of vomit. I turned on the car light only to find Kate covered in half chewed, somewhat processed Annies pasta shells. I looked at her and she had this huge grin that said “ahhhh, I feel so much better.”

Shad and I bargained for the vomit cleaning or the putting kids to bed – I dry heaved for the next 20 minutes as I cleaned the carseat.


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