What it’s like to be a Power Ranger

As I was taking a shower in the early morning the other day Reilly awoke and came into my bathroom in his Power Ranger pajamas that appear to be 2 sizes too small – or just super trendy since his mid section is exposed. He was frustrated that a pacifier he was using for one of his dolls (that was Kates) was no longer in his bed. I explained that when he was asleep the night before I removed the pacifier and put it on the shelf and when I got out of the shower I would get it for him. Relieved, he agreed and went away. A few minutes later he returned, stood outside the shower and enthusiastically told me that he climbed up on the stool and the shelves and got the pacifier himself. I said, wow, I’m glad that you’re okay, I told you I would get it for you when I was done. He then ripped open the shower curtain and said “Mom, I wont’ get hurt, I’m a POWER RANGER, see?”.

Of course, how did I not know….


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