Last Weekend with Nicole…

This past weekend was the kids last weekend with Nicole as our Nanny. It’s sad for our family – perhaps we are all due for a change. It was the one weekend Nicole worked and we went with Ali and Chris (aka Sam) up North. On Friday we stayed with my brother and his family and did a triathlon on Saturday morning. Later that day we headed up to North Conway and stayed in a great hotel at the base of Cathedral Ledge. On Sunday, Ali, Chris, Shad and I got up and rode in the Mount Washington Century Ride – it was tough to rally for because it was raining so hard.

Nicole hung out with the kiddos while we did this and we joined up in the late afternoon to hang out again. It was so great to have her with us and have the kids be a part of this weekend. I think the whole household will be going thru withdrawals when Nicole is no longer part of our daily regimen. I know that Kate will miss her morning snuggles and Reilly will miss his best playmate.

It is with bittersweet feelings the kids will be going to school full time and daycare. As with every situation there is some good and some not so good.

We will miss her.


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