Lotta blood – lotta blood

Have you ever wondered why I have the self-appointed title of Mother of the Year? Have you ever questioned my status? Let me reassure you – today was a day that I earned the title and any self-respecting mother who has been there, would agree.

We began our morning at 6:40am, I brought Kate into my room and gave her some milk. Reilly, I knew wouldn’t be far behind – he WOULD be behind, but not that far. At 7:00 he arrived. We got dressed and went downstairs to have some breakfast, while they began eating, I began packing lunches. During those few minutes I thought to myself, they are going to be gone all day, I should sit with them and visit. So, I did. For a second. And, in that second, I looked at Kate and saw her long nails, which also looked dirty. I thought “ha, I could cut them while she eats – she wouldn’t be able to get away from me, since she is in a highchair”. I went and got the clippers, clipped nail #1, no problem. I went for nail #2 and it was a bit tougher, I repositioned and started to clamp down. At that very moment, I knew what I had done, and Kate whailed to let me know. I had cut off the tip of her finger. She screamed, blood started oozing and Reilly’s eyes filled. I started to apologize to Kate and took her out of her highchair. The blood just kept coming. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her finger to try to slow the blood. It wasn’t working. I held it ther for a couple minutes – up in the air. She wasn’t crying anymore but was mad I had control of her arm. After about 15 minutes, and applying about 6 bandaids that did little more than nothing, I called the md. They recommended I take her to the ER to get a stitch. I felt so badly, I didn’t want to put her through that. I asked if they could just look at it first. They agreed.

Reilly insisted on joining us at the md and he was a big help. I carried Kate and a towel, he carried keys and my purse. 🙂 Upon investigating the doctor was fairly certain he could contain the bleeding. And, in about 10 minutes, he did. He then wrapped Kate’s little finger with a non stick pad, gauze, ointment, and tape. Her poor little hand looked so sad, and I felt so bad knowing that I caused this whole thing.

Tonight Reilly and I were sitting on the farmers porch, I looked at his nails and half jokingly said “ooooh, we need to cut your nails, look how long they are.” He replied “no way Mom, I don’t want you to cut my nails, they are fine.”

Kate on the other hand was no worse for the wear and it didn’t effect her ability to play. Tonight she had a bath and she again was not phased. I suppose again, I was the most upset about the situation.


One thought on “Lotta blood – lotta blood

  1. I’m sorta laughing, sorta cringing. I make Jason do the nail clipping, and I always have. For the pets, for the kids. I can’t bear it.

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