Four is a great year – the start of school (preschool) with structure, maturity in a big boy way (physically and emotionally), the desire to dress in a particular way, clothes needing to feel a certain way, showering instead of bathing, riding a bike everywhere, understanding how to play Mom vs Dad game, understanding that part of the meal called “dessert”, yet still the whining and having tantrums enough that remind you four is still so young.

I think the past six months have been so significant in Reilly’s growth. He no longer looks like a toddler or even a preschooler he looks like a boy. A big boy. It’s sad in a way to understand that the things they need you for are wants and not so much needs. No diapers, or feedings, or carrying or pushing in a toy. They want you to play airport, and firetrucks and buy them toys and get them their favorites foods. The needs are so much more subtle – not less important, actually maybe more important – reinforcement, encouragement, direction, a friend, a power ranger and someone to hand a washcloth when you get soap in your eyes, someone to make your lunch (with direction of course), someone to drop you at school and help hang your coat on the hook. It’s just different… so different.


One thought on “Four….

  1. Oh my, yes. I agree completely. Contrasting Kestrel’s needs at 16 months with Rowan’s needs at 4 creates some maternal mental whiplash, but hey, that’s what it’s all about, right? It’s the keeping up with the changing landscape that keeps us young. Way to go, Mama.

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