50 in 50 in 50

We all took a vacation day today to head up to Stowe Vermont. Reilly was so excited he said yesterday morning “Since we’re going to a hotel today, I don’t need to go to school”. Although his rational was weak, he was very cute in his tactics. We headed to Stowe to support Shad on the Stowe Marathon course. He ran as part of a fundraising effort headed by Dean Karnazes – Karno Kids – “No Child Left Inside”. It’s his charter to get America healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. We rallied Sarah (our niece) to join us on this endeavor. She was great to have along and even ran 1.5 miles with Shad. You can read more about the program at: Endurance 50

I also put together some photos to make a video, if you want to see, it’s on YouTube Run Shad and Sarah Run .


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