Snap … Crackle … I Suck

How the heck can one screw up Rice Krispie treats, who knew that was even possible? I had no idea it could be done, but I did.

I made two batches for Reilly’s Halloween Party tomorrow and they are both awful!!! One dish is like… well… the best parallel I can draw is … rocks. Yes rocks, not as in boulders or pet rocks but as in the kind you might use to accent your landscaping. The kind that are brittle enough to split when impacted by a blunt force trauma (I think I picked that one up from CSI). Anyway, my blunt force trauma was a knife. When the krispies were met by the stainless steel they just cracked and fell to the side. I could blame the marshmallow, because clearly it was not doing it’s job. Perhaps buying the store brand was my issue there, I really should have gone for the Campfire ones. Needless to say, I could just take the dish and dump all those standalone krispies back into the box – someone could unknowing of the Krispies history – have a nice bowl of cereal. It might seem stale, but it could pass if they added milk.

Moving on to attempt #2. I spent the next 17 minutes making cookies for Kate’s class and thinking about my crappy Krispies… As I reflected on my production of those treats I came to the conclusion that I should use less Krispies and the same amount of marshmallows and butter. I used 5 1/2 cups of Krispies versus 6. Spreading these little guys out in the dish was a bit more challenging given this ingredient change, but I prevailed. (in spreading but not in the final product) After letting them sit for a while I attempted to make my 24 squares (which was guaranteed on the box). I think I got to seven squares and called it a night. The knife is still stuck between row 2 and row 3, I’ve had it. I would bring the cookies in but Reilly’s school is peanut free. I guess I’ll just bring the rocks and make krispie balls out of the other dish – then again, I could just make some popcorn (microwave of course) and send that. Better yet, I’ll someone elses party donation, like juice, and I’ll swap names. I should have brought juice.

Snap, Crackle, Pop…. I do suck. I must leave the kitchen and stay at this computer. It better suits me.


2 thoughts on “Snap … Crackle … I Suck

  1. Well there is always plan B — just buy the Rice Krispie < HREF="" REL="nofollow">treats already made<> (Perfect for those that have problems with the recipe!)

  2. omg,bets!!! I have a horrifying RK treat story as well!!!About 10 years ago(yikes!) I made some and stirred the marshmalllow mix on the stove with a white plastic spoon. Apparently, the mix is very hot…Long story short…I didn’t realize it, but I had melted the spoon into the mix and made plastic RK treats!!!!! Do you feel better, now? Never noticed that half the spoon was melted into it….:) I have taken a LOT of joking about this story!!!!

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