Liar Liar Pants on Fire

So it happened yesterday, Reilly was having lunch. He had two beverages going – the last sip of my juice, which he always requests, and a small water bottle with gatorade and water. He asked me if he could pour the juices together, I said no. (in the past when he has taken on this science experiment of mixing liquids, I am always mopping the floor OR he doesn’t drink either of them he just plays and he doesn’t eat his lunch either) So, this time it was an emphatic “no”. I then went upstairs to get some stuff together because we were heading out shortly to go shopping.

When I came down, I noticed that my one remaining sip had reproduced into a half bottle while I was upstairs. The following two minutes went like this:

“Reilly, did you pour the bottles together?”
“How did this get half full, are you sure you didn’t do it”
“Reilly, are you lying to me”
“No, I didn’t do it”
“Are you sure”
“I didn’t do it”
Well, I knew there were NO other option, Kate was asleep and Nandi and Shad were out running. I looked around the room and aside from the randomly dispersed Santa and friends, there was no on else in the house.
“Reilly, I think that you might be lying, why don’t you go sit on the step and think about it”
Minutes pass…
“Reilly, do you want to tell me what might have happened”
More minutes pass…
“Reilly, are you ready to talk about it now?”
We return to the intact scene of the crime.
“Mom, it was magic, one bottle did pour to the other bottle and it was magic. Really, it was.”
I felt I should encourage his imagination here… even just for my benefit of hearing a creative story.
“Really?? How did that happen”
“Well, there was this witch, not a bad witch but a good one, and she did it”
“What did she look like”
“I don’t know she was invisible”
“How did she do it?”
“I don’t know I was invisible”
“What else happened?”
“That was all, she just mixed the juices and then she was invisible”
Hmmmmmmmm, I do believe his story is a bit suspect, but clever nonetheless.
Later when Nicole was in the car, I said “Reilly, tell Nicole what happened today with the juice”

His reply “Mom, maybe I did it.”

The choir began to sing…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….


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