Kate’s new things…

So she can communicate quite well between her words and her signs. She’s actually quite bossy. And if you say no, she comes back with “Why?” She’s learning all too quickly.

Kate loves hats – she wants to take them off and put them on all the time. Kate loves shoes and wants to take them off and put them all the time. Kate loves showing everyone her belly. (funny how that is a toddler thing, not too many women would do that now)Kate loves antagonizing Reilly. She has figured out how to push his buttons already.

Tonight, after she had been in bed for about 45 minutes she began to cry and then should my name. I went in to check on her and she had thrown the blankets and the stuffed animal out of her bed and she was stuck in her sleeper (pajamas). She had figured out how to undo the snap and unzip down to her belly. Somehow she had her arms pinned behind her and her sleeper half on and half off. No wonder she was crying. Poor thing.

Everything she does just makes Shad and I smile. She is really a funny little girl and the more her personality develops the more traits we see in her… can’t wait till she’s a teenager. Ha Ha.


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