Crossing Over

I think that was a show about contacting people who had moved to afterlife, so it is certainly not the context I am referring to. I am referring to our world of 4 passenger cars to a MINIVAN! Yes, a minivan! We bought a used one on Craigslist this weekend and we’re already digging the space! No longer do I need to wedge myself in the back of the truck between two carseats and two children possessive of their space. No longer do I need to watch the two kids rip stuff out of one anothers hand and no longer do I need to ride with a backpack and any other items at my feet. As long as we opposed this world we are now embracing it. Of course, I want to trick it out with a racing number, stickers and a bike rack on top – but when we have extra money, I’m sure that’s NOT what we’ll be spending it on.

It’s nice that we have come to the end of our three year search, multiple discussions on gas and coolness, now it’s practical and slightly better for the environment.


3 thoughts on “Crossing Over

  1. Don’t worry Bets…. I got three in my driveway right now. One is Jeff’s old one and 2 Freestar’s. Just can’t get enough of those babies!! Yippie!
    You should see how cool it is to burn out in one. …Or even do an e-brake slide (like Starsjy & Hutch) and turn right around on the street. No 3 point turns… Just power slides! yeah!!!

  2. Hmmm…I never pictured you a minivan driver. Yes, you have inspired me to start my blog again. You will notice the last blogs were around spring last year. I am due for a new car soon 🙂

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