School or School – That is the question.

Milford New Hampshire is one of the few towns in the state and probably across the country that does not offer public kindergarten. Instead we need to pay for another full year of care at a private school – it’s about $750/month. He is currently going to an “early learning center” (which is a traditional mainstream learning environment) and absolutely loves it. I can’t say enough about the program and the teachers in it – however, I still toy with the idea of sending him to an alternative learning school next year. I often look at kindergarten as the only opportunity I have left to offer him another learning style that helps him develop his inner self. I am looking into the Waldorf school down the street and I have looked a little bit at a Montessori school. I have since been told that I should have started with these learning philosophies instead of introducing them at five. Since when is five beyond a recovery point? And, if I do send him into another learning environment I have been told that I should not transition him back to a public school.

I am so torn on what to do – Shad and I want Reilly to be confident and happy. He is those things but he is also anxious, nervous and often emotional and negative when faced with a stressful situation. Perhaps that is all four year olds. I don’t know. If there is something we can do about nurturing these anxieties and allowing him to see another side, we want to do it. I’m not sure the school is the answer but it’s weighing heavily on my mind right now – especially since we need to let his school know next week if he is returning in the Fall.

Who knows…. now I know why parents say “we did the best we could… at the time”.


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