What a Day

Today I went to a funeral with my Mom for a family friend. It was in a Cathedral in Mass that I visited often as a kid. Everyone’s funeral, wedding, Holy Days of Obligation, and more were spent in this Church. It’s absolutely beautiful. My Dad’s Mom and his Grandmother have stain glassed windows in there as well. I think for the city and for our family, there is so much history to learn, and know about what has transpired in that Church.

Anyway, funerals are funny things. I have learned that people won’t change their schedule to go to a family reunion – and won’t miss their childrens function to attend – I think the best family reunions that everyone shows up for are funerals. Isn’t that kind of funny that people don’t often gather to say hello, yet they gather to say good bye.

It was a day of reflection for me, a good day. And, it continued on as we stopped by my Nana’s to see her in her assisted living facility only to find ourselves amidst a sing along with about forty elderly people . It’s funny, Nana doesn’t remember much at all these days but she remembered every word to every song from decades ago.


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