Bombs Away

Kate decided to take the plunge for the third time in a month. We put her to bed in her pack and play (we transport her to her crib around 11pm) in the office and she JUMPED out. The girl is crazy, and she scares the living day lights out of Shad and me when she just appears in the kitchen and starts talking to us like she belongs there at 9pm.

We then put her back to bed and smile… knowing this is the beginning of some very long years…. not that we would trade them for anything. But the irony is going to get us one day.


One thought on “Bombs Away

  1. 🙂 Mark did this to us for a while, just about the time he turned 2, climbing out of his crib and coming into our room in the middle of the night, until I got a crib tent. Then I had to get one for Eric, too, of course, and we used those tents for almost 1.5 years. And for about the last 8 months, we had to tie the zippers to the cribs when the boys learned how to unzip the tents from the inside and Mark decided to redecorate his room!

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