Crappy Days Need Magic

Today was a crappy day at work, and as the day went on, it proceeded to go downhill – Reilly, who I believe is an old soul said-
“Mom, Are you sad? Why are you sad? I can fix it for you and make you feel better.”
“It’s magic, it’s inside me, if you are just very quiet and you listen you can hear the magic and it will make you happy again”
…. silence …. (obviously Kate was not in the room or we would not have been afforded that luxury)
“Did you hear it… do you feel better?”

I’m not sure what it was but… sure, I feel better just listening to the logic of a four year old. It all just made so much sense to him so who am I to question. I often think we have children to keep us grounded.


2 thoughts on “Crappy Days Need Magic

  1. Rowan does stuff like this for me sometimes. Isn’t it amazing? I wonder, sometimes, what the heck I’d do without my boyo…

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