Reilly found his first geocache this weekend. It was a kid friendly one about 6/10’s of a mile from our house. He thought that was the coolest thing that he found it, although I have to admit he and Shad kind of fought about who actually carried the gps and followed the arrow. I’m not even going to say who won…. 🙂

Regardless, I filled out the notebook, Reilly picked a Jeep with a caching dog tag and we left a JavaOne Shaker. I have decided to leave JavaOne schwag from this point on. I’m going to be checking out the booths this year to get good LITTLE trinkets to start sprinkling about.

Reilly is so proud of himself and is looking forward to the next one where he can leave the Jeep and I can leave another shaker and he marvels at the possibilities of what might be awaiting him at the next one.

Woo hoo!


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