X is for X-Ray

Reilly was skiing with Shad this afternoon at the little ski slope down the street. Reilly is skiing with a harness on and Shad in tow. On a flat section Reilly tumbled and hurt his leg. I figured it wasn’t good when Shad mentioned he took him to the ski patrol first aid. Although it didn’t swell or bruise immediately, Shad and the ski patrol person thought it best to take a picture and rule out a bone break.

When Shad got Reilly in the truck to head home, Reilly fell right asleep. I went to pick-up Kate from daycare – when I returned Reilly was laying on the couch… quietly. Two things he isn’t normally doing at the hour.

After looking at his leg, and talking to him, I felt it was important to get an x-ray. Everytime he moved, he whimpered, I think he’s in some pain.

Just moments after being in the ER, I just knew in my gut it was broken even though every symptom we found on the web he didn’t have. I wasn’t sure who was more upset about the whole thing though. Shad was clearly bothered. The x-rays came back and Reilly has a spiral fracture of his tibia. So, right now he has itty bitty crutches and a splint that will soon be replaced by a cast.


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