Y is for Why

I’m not that illiterate but if you know what a DLH is then you know how I could make that deliberate spelling error.

Anyway Y is for “WHY I AM MOTHER OF THE YEAR”. The morning in our house kind of goes like this – I let the dog out, run downstairs, put frozen waffles in toaster, make juice cups and put smoothies out – all while I am simultaneously making the kids lunches. Once this is complete I go upstairs, sing to the kids to wake them up – Reilly usually tells me to stop singing or just and outright, be quiet.I get Kate out of her crib, get her dressed, get clothes out for Reilly and help him get dressed – b/c of his leg. I tell him he is racing Kate to the kitchen table and that inspires him to get downstairs quickly and I don’t need to carry
him. He says “I won Mom” and then I bring Kate down to eat.

Once they are eating I go in the garage, start the car and open the garage door. I need to get it warmed up and heated prior to the kids getting in the car.

Then I rush them to get in the car and head off to school. All of this takes place in 30 minutes or less.

Today, like any other day, Reilly told me to be quiet, Kate asked for a waffle, the dog went out, yada yada yada. I drop Reilly off at school, I then drop Kate off, and then I usually call a friend to say good morning. During that call today it occurred
to me that Reilly wassnackchild at school and I neglected to bring the snack. Reilly and I have been waiting since December to be snack child because as snackchild, not only do you lead most of the morning routine you get a show and tell too. Reilly had a photo story book his Grandmother made him that we have been hanging onto since it was published – December to share with his class. I thinksnackchild is like being class president for the day – you are the head honcho – the cat’s meow, you’re where it’s at!

As Mother of the Year, you now know, I forgot the snacks, I forgot the book and since I was late dropping Reilly off to begin with – the whole class had to delay snack time until I appeared with the goods. On top of that, I had to then run home and get the book, and bring it back to school. Who the heck wants to be the loser Mom and better yet, who wants to disappoint a four-year old!


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