Beside Myself

When we arrived at Reilly’s school today he was pretty adamant that he did not want to go. I tried to be patient by giving him an extra couple minutes in the car with Kate. I walked his bag and lunchbox upstairs, and gave his teachers a heads-up that he was having a tough morning. I got back out to the car, spoke with him for a couple minutes. We didn’t make much progress. I actually had to lift him out of the car and bring him to the door. He screamed NO three times at the door. I brought him inside and stood with him for a minute – the tears started to come. His teachers were trying to encourage him to go upstairs to see his friends, he sobbed more. One of them came down and picked him up so I could get out to Kate and the car. He was sad, but it was KILLING me… I got in the car with Kate who saw Reilly crying through the glass door which made her bottom lip pop out and she kept saying “Rei-yee” “Rei-yee cwying” Rei-yee sad until she finally couldn’t speak anymore because she too began to cry.

It Friday’s so Kate and I had Mommies an Me – she soon forgot about Reilly’s morning trauma when she saw all her friends. I called Shad and had him check-in while Kate and I were at class and I checked in afterward. He was just fine….


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